Transmission Service and Replacements

What are the signs of a bad transmission?
Here are five signs of transmission problems you should not ignore:
• Fluid leak or dirty non maintained fluid.
• Transmission slipping. If you’re experiencing automatic transmission slipping, it can feel like you’re driving in a certain gear and then it changes for no apparent reason.
• Rough shifts or dragging. Slamming into gear.
• Delayed engagement.
• Engine warning light or other dash lights.

Why do transmissions fail?
The automatic transmission is sometimes called the brain of the car (along with the engine). It helps transfer your engine’s power to the wheels while regulating engine speed. Grinding gears, delayed response from the transmission and other shifting problems will most likely be caused by a fluid or failed component related issue.

Why bring transmission issues to Buddy’s Auto Repair & Alignment :
We only hire the best and have transmission experts. If your vehicle is having symptoms of a transmission problem, the computer will almost certainly trigger the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. Remember, systems work together and the other systems could be affecting how your transmission operates. Therefore, your Buddy’s technician is the logical expert to bring your car to for reading CHECK ENGINE LIGHT codes to help diagnose and repair transmission problems.

Transmission Service and Repair
Automatic Transmission Service and Repair

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