Brake Repair

We offer FREE brake inspections for all customers and they typically take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to diagnose and depending on the parts needed could take an additional 2-4 hours for typical replacement. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the majority of brake pads we replace. Using high quality parts with certified technicians that specialize in these repairs.

Brakes in total have 8 brake pads. Four for the front (two each side) and same with the rear. There are also 4 brake rotors with two in front and rear. Rotors are what the brakes press up against to slow your vehicle. They can get hot spots and cause shaking while braking especially when driving in mountainous or extreme heat conditions. Rotors are in need of being replaced depending on the thickness (state law) or if they have hot spots/wearing issues. The thinner the rotor the less heat they can dissipate, so that means less stopping power and longer stops which is not safe.

Many European vehicles and other newer cars do require to replace rotors every brake job. Some older vehicles have drum brakes which are similar but use a drum and shoe setup. Brake fluid is also an item that should be replaced every 20-30k miles or when doing a brake job. It gets dirty just like engine oil and collects moisture which causes issues with the brake pedal (pedal fade), calipers, or hoses. Be assured that your job will get done right at Buddy’s Auto Repair & Alignment and we make keeping your car safe to drive our number one priority!

Stop by for a free estimate or schedule service in advance. Brake prices vary depending upon needed components.


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