Automotive Belts, Hoses & Fluids

Automotive belts, hoses, and fluids should be checked on a regular basis in order to prevent getting stranded on the side of the road or prevent bigger issues further down the line. Not to mention, our Arizona heat is especially tough on these auto parts and fluids.


Serpentine belts are critical to the operation of a number of your vehicle’s components, from the water pump to the power steering pump to the alternator to the air conditioning.
That’s why it’s important to have the serpentine belt inspected regularly-it is a part of our checkout. A worn serpentine belt is not always obvious, so it’s important to have it changed when needed. Timely replacement could mean the difference between worry free and worrying on the side of the road.


Automotive hoses transport fluids and air to the proper components in your engine. If these hoses get cracked or kinked, your engine will not operate properly.


There are a variety of different fluids used by your vehicle other than your engine oil. These include brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and more. Whether your fluids need to be topped off, replaced, or flushed, we’ve got you covered with manufacture recommended fluids.

Engine Belt System
Automotive Belts, Hoses, and Fluids

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