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At Buddy’s Auto Repair & Alignment we specialize in front end shock and strut services!
Your vehicle’s suspension system helps provide a comfortable and safe ride, ensuring your wheels stay in contact with the road. If your ride’s gotten bumpy, tires are wearing, or your uncertain it’s time to have your suspension system checked out by the expert technicians at Buddy’s.
Signs of bad shocks or struts or worn springs include the front end of the vehicle diving or loss of control while making a sudden stop, the vehicle swerving more than normal while changing lanes and a vehicle that sags in the front or the rear. If you’re experiencing any of these driving symptoms, bring your car or truck in for our safety inspection and we will help identify whether you need new shocks, struts or other suspension service.

Shocks are designed to give resistance every time the wheels on your vehicle bounce up and down or when your vehicle’s chassis leans as you make a turn. This obviously helps smooth out your driving experience. Shocks can wear out in as little as 35,000 to 45,000 miles due to the constant motion your car, truck or SUV is subjected to. Many manufacturers say that you should have your shocks checked about once a year or so for your safety and comfort. This inspection is included in our oil change and alignment services.

Most front-wheel drive cars now have a strut suspension system, which combines coil springs and shocks into one unit. Struts control spring and suspension movement to keep tires in contact with the road. Struts cost more but typically have a longer life than conventional shock absorbers.

Coil springs work with your shocks and struts to keep the vehicle bounce to a minimum. All springs sag with age, as the springs weaken over time. You don’t even notice over time but a new set can do wonders! Coil springs should be checked and they now have quick struts that include the new strut, mount and coil spring in one unit.
We have a lifetime warranty on specific branded suspension parts please ask our service expert.

Your vehicle typically comes with a power steering pump, rack and pinion and many other items like control arms, bushings, tie rods, ball joints and sway bar links. They all wear out over time. We do a complete inspection on those items with recommended services to keep you on the road and safe!

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