Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Especially here in the Valley of the Sun, air conditioning is vital. We can visually inspect hoses, lines, seals, compressors and other components for leaks, check temperature readings, check that your compressor is operating properly and inspect the drive belt for cracks or damage. You may just need a recharge of the refrigerant or the diagnosis could call for other services, like a new compressor.

Plus, your air conditioning belt drives many other components in your vehicle, meaning a broken belt can have a much worse impact than simply an bad trip. Let our experts give you the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will keep you cooler and safer. In some cases, we will have to hook our A/C machine up to your system and evacuate then recharge your refrigerant to optimum levels.

Depending on the results of the check, the system is then serviced only as required make sure of proper operation, like:

• Charge the system add dye and let run to inspect for leaks
• Evacuate refrigerant from the system
• Recharge the system using the appropriate refrigerant to the exact system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
• Perform any necessary service on compressor, evaporator, condenser, and electrical controls
• Recheck the system to ensure proper operation

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